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Through the years working with our many clients we as architects believe that we have been able to define and pin-point what is needed for the realization of a client’s house dreams. This was not all covered by providing traditional architect drawings alone. We decided to expand our responsibilities even further in order to support each client in the endeavour of putting house dreams into reality. Consequently this would necessitate for us to offer to contribute from the beginning to the very end of the project.

Therefore and in addition to the traditional tasks and duties of an architect our experience has allowed us to also offer for example the following:

  • Handling of the dialogue with local authorities in negotiating and pushing through the process of obtaining the needed construction permit.
  • Formulating supporting documentation for an invitation to tender as well as assisting in budget matters.
  • Analyzing and being of assistance when it comes to the signing of the contract with contractors.
  • Operating as a partner during the construction so to avoid unnecessary expenses. Such expenses have otherwise a tendency to gradually show up in a project where the architect would not be available and of assistance.

We stand ready to help you in your construction project.

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